Programmes from 2010 to 2014

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know which of these speakers we would recommend


January 27th  ‘ Pretty Plants’- flowers to grow in your garden  by Kevin Pratt.

February 24th En Garde’ – The Art & Sport of Fencing  by Bob Merry.

March 24th ‘Cupcakes ‘ – Demonstration with Easter Theme by Moira Brennan.

April  5th Disley WI Coffee Morning at Community Centre: 10am – 12noon

April 28th ‘ NWAA’ – North West Air Ambulance by Guest Charity Speaker

May 19th RESOLUTIONS’ followed by our popular ‘Swishing Party!’

June 23rd ‘ Moments in Nature’ – Wildlife Photography by Ben Hall.

July 28th Social Evening – with hands on Crafts.

August 18th Summer Social Evening

September 22nd ‘Fabulous Flamenco’ by Christine Stockton plus: Our 4th Birthday Party Celebrations!

October 27th ‘Prepare for Christmas’– Displays & Gift Wrap Ideas by Kate Perry.

November 24th  AGM with Bring and Share Buffet

December 8th Our Christmas Party!


January 28th  ‘Trial of the Lancashire Witches’   by John Doughty

February 25th ‘The Secrets of Handwriting’  by Susan Ord

March 25th   ‘Return to Morocco   The Berber People’  by  Bernard Rowlands 

April 22nd   ‘Wardrobe Angel   What a Wonderful World!’ by  Stephanie Roper 

May 20th   Resolutions and our ‘Swishing’ Party!

June 24th  ‘ What are Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science?’ by Jennifer Innes

 July 22nd   Beetle Drive

August 19th    Summer Social

September 23rd ‘Through the Eyes of a Magician’ by Peter Turner  Plus our 3rd Birthday Party celebrations!

October 28th  ‘Chester at Christmas’ by Lyn Hand

November 25th    AGM with Bring and Share

December 9th  Our Christmas Party!


23rd January  Chocolatier Oliver Dunn (of Simon Dunn)

27th February  ‘Colour Me Beautiful – colour Analysis’ by Gaynor Dennett.

26th March    ‘Easter Chicks from chocoalte Eggs – a fun easter Activity’ by Sharon Smith (one of our members). COMPETITION: Homemade Easter Bonnets

23rd April    ‘The Health Benefits of a Well-fitting Bra’ by Sue MacDonald aka the Bra Doctor.

28th May   ‘Getting Involved with National WI Campaigns’ including discussing and voting on the NFWI Resolutions. We will also be having Cheese and Wine.

25th June    ‘Gardens – Being Head Gardener at Lyme Park’ by Gary Rainford.

23rd July    ‘Be Totally Inspired – A Motivational Talk to Lift Your Spirits’ by Shari Royle.

20th August  Social evening

24th September   Our fun-filled 2nd birthday party with Bingo Bob!

22nd October    ‘Saving Wildlife From extinction – Chester Zoo’ by Michelle Duma and Cat Barton.

26th November   Annual General Meeting with Hot Pot Supper.

10th December   Christmas party!!


January ‘Yoga’ by Lisa Arundale

February ‘Fire Cadet Ghana Project’ by Sue Cleaver

March ‘Soft Furnishings’ by Susan Sharp

April ‘Butyeko / Breathing Remedies’ by Dr. Janet Winter

May   Resolutions, and Cheese & Wine

June ‘Happiness is a skill you can learn’ by Sharon Machon

July Beetle Drive

September belly dancing with Fatma

October ‘Sausage Making’ by Gaynor Preece of Designa Sausage

November   Annual General Meeting

December Christmas party in the Rams Head