Poppy Tribute for Nov 2018

More than 800 women lost their lives in active service during Word War One, but did not have a ceramic poppy at the Tower of London. 

(There were 888,246 ceramic poppies – each one represented  life of a British or Colonial soldier who died during World War One. However, none of them were for the women who lost their lives in service, as they were not counted as military fatalities.)

Disley WI is going to make 820 poppies to commemorate each of these women, and display them on the railings around Fountain Square in time for the Remembrance Service in November 2018

They are going to be made in many different ways …. crochet, knitting, fabric, plastic … see examples below

This is so all members can take part in creating these poppies without needing any specific skills

Any patterns and suggestions would be warmly welcomed

poppy 9 poppy 8 poppy 7 poppy 6 poppy 5 poppy 4 poppy 3 poppy 1

Examples of other Poppy yarn bombs …

(although none of these were specifically for the women that died)

poppy 2 poppy 10 poppy 11 poppy 12 poppy 14 poppy 15 poppy 16 poppy 17


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