June in Disley WI

June in pictures …


piece for peace update

One Hundred years of Hats

Book Clubs

Bridge Club

Craft Club – bunting

junk yard crazy indoor golf

supper at the swan kettleshulme

well dressing

kettleshulme WI Summer Lunch

Day out in Saltaire

Chris Dunkerley – Lyme Park



Donation of £50 from Well Dressing

Just before Christmas, our WI was lucky enough to  receive a donation of £50 from the Disley and Newtown Well Dressing 2015 committee

The Well Dressing Committee raises funds each year to finance the event, and then gives small donations from surplus funds to community groups in recognition of their important work in our community and for helping to support the event.

Click here for Disley and Newtown Well Dressing website

well drressing main board 2015

Each year, the WI creates a small board for display at the  well, donates cakes, and helps serve the refreshments in the church

WI Board in 2012


WI board in 2013

098 (1)

WI board in 2014

well dressing 2014

WI board in 2015