A sunny ramble

Remember when we were having that glorious weather a few weeks ago?

Three of us went for a ramble in the sunshine – along Green Lane, down to Cock Head Farm and back along Red Lane. 




Rambling in the sunshine

We picked a lovely day for seven members and two dogs to go for a ramble …. across the golf course, along the canal, and back via Marple Ridge and the field with the goats

Here is a pic of us with the hills in the background taken at Marple Ridge 🙂








Rambling in the October sunshine

Three of us, and four dogs, had a lovely long walk in the October sunshine.

(Dogs were too busy running about and chasing ducks to stop and be in the photo!)


We met up on the Ram Green, walked into Lyme Park via Red Lane, then across to Coppice Lane and down to Coppiceside Farm. Then we took the footpath through the fields eventually reaching the Macclesfield Canal.

As it was such a lovely day, we decided to do quite a long walk and were heading to get back into Lyme Park via the footpath at Green Farm. However, someone (who shall remain nameless) realised that she had dropped her cardigan at some point. So we retraced our steps along the canal and then came back into Lyme Park through Middlecale Woods instead.

(Cardigan was found!!)

It ended up being a 3 hour walk but we had a great time 🙂

Rambling Club

We have a ramble/hike/route march (delete according to your opinion!) every month 

In April we walked along part of the Macclesfield canal and back along the Middlewood Way

Collecting horse poo for the garden
Collecting horse poo for the garden
2 very muddy dogs and 1 very clean dog! (and 4 cleanish WI members)

Paula organises the walks – details of the next one are in the monthly newsletter