Hiking on a sunny afternoon

Six members and 3 dogs went for a long hike, via the Swan in Kettelshulme, on a beautiful August afternoon


Hiking at Pym Chair and Shining Tor

This time there wasn’t a storm to stop us hiking up to the highest point in Cheshire so off we went on a beautiful sunny afternoon …

Pym Chair – Shining Tor – Errwood Hall and back to Pym Chair car park



Hike to see the bluebells

On Thursday, 4 of us went for a hike on a route that took us past lots and lots of bluebells – the weather was nice and the bluebells were numerous beautiful.

Chris A had kindly written a very detailed route plan for us – I have put it below in case anyone else fancies doing the same walk

Hedge Row Blue Bell Walk – Harrop Wood

The route given is 5:6 kms.  It takes between 1:30 mins and 2 hours depending on one’s speed.  It can be muddy in some parts so boots are generally needed.

  • Getting to the start by car:   Coming over the tops from Disley take the turning for Brick Works and Pott Shrigley Hotel. At the junction opposite Church, school on left, take the left turn towards Bollington.  Then take the first left when the road divides.  ~Follow the road round passing a sign on right hand side saying Rainow a short while after this there is a parking area on the left hand side.  Park here. (There should be big gates to the left of this parking area and a small stone sign saying The Cheshire Hunt Inn – no longer a pub and on the right of this parking area a signpost saying the Gritstone Trail).  OS ref: 945 782
  • Follow the Gritstone Trail sign up taking the left up the lane called Hedge Row. Follow the lane to the end ignoring the next Gritstone Trail Sign.  You will pass cottages – lane is quite long.  Towards the end of lane avoid a stile on the right hand side you will then see a cottage on the left hand side and then the gate into the woods.  Go through here.
  • Follow the path down. The stream should be on the left hand side and a farm on the other side of the stream. Carry on following the path round do not cross the bridge.
  • Just past the wooden xylophone on you left bluebells should be all around this area there is a path to the left that leads to a mini waterfall and bench. This is a lovely spot so don’t miss it. Our dog loves to swim in the pool at the bottom.  Once enjoyed come back to the main path and continue the walk.
  • You will see what looks like a wooden abacus on the left and walking sign on right carry straight on. Then when you see the wooden gate straight in front veer left and head for metal gate.  (If wanting to extend walk I think one could go through this and follow that path as long as one returns to this spot to see the rest of the bluebells on this planned walk )  Cross over the stile here then head for the wooden bridge which should be on the right hand side.  (tree swing over stream)  Climb up the hillside taking the wider path on your left hand side.  Ignore walking sign by field with farm buildings in – keep to left of wall. (This is the half-way point and you are now heading back to the start on the opposite side of the valley.)
  • Go through a gate and cross the stream and then up and over stile gate (16b) Keep to right of wall and cross the sheep field, over the stile and keep going straight ignoring the footpath sign.  Follow path downwards (Should have seen lots more bluebell carpets by this stage).  Cross stream.
  • Head across the field towards the car track and continue walking up away from the farm building. Pass bungalows on right hand side.  Having gone over two cattle grids you will shortly come to a signpost walk downwards towards the duck pond.  There should be a house on your right hand side.  Have a nosey through the gate or hedge to see the different breeds of ducks kept here.
  • Pass duck pond go through a kissing gate and 2nd kissing gate, over a stone bridge and walk upwards crossing the field and then follow the Gritstone Trail signs. There is another bridge to cross and then a kissing gate .  Keep to the side of wall and head for gate ( house on right hand side)
  • Turn right onto Hedge Row and follow the lane downwards to the main road passing Holiday Cottages on your right and you are back to the car.

Hike – Rainow, Bollington & Kerridge

5 members and 2 dogs went for a hike on Tuesday afternoon.

We did a circular route starting in Rainow – the route took us via White Nancy, Bollington, Kerridge, Higher Hurdsfield, up Cliff Lane to Buxton New Road, then back to Rainow

It was a clear day so the views were fabulous, and we walked 6.2 miles with lots of steep ascents and descents.  We were tired by the end but had had a great time!

Heres’s a pic of us at White Nancy





January Hike

6 people and 4 dogs went for a hike on Thursday 21st January.

We parked in Langley and walked a circular route via Teggs Nose.

We hiked 4.5 miles over fairly strenuous terrain, with some very steep ascents and descents. (And some very deep puddles!)

The weather started off cloudy and gradually became wetter and wetter!

But we all had a great time 🙂

Three wet dogs wrapped in towels ready to go home …