Blankets and quilt squares

Two of the activities at Disley’s Great Get Together were

A total of 19 blankets were made


And 27 Quilt squares were created


Heart of Glass Exhibition

Saturday 14th January was the preview day for an exhibition in the Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery from two of our very talented members, Lesley and Yvonne

Some other members went along to the preview of this Costume, Mixed Media and Textile Art Show – a very enjoyable afternoon!

Here are photos of Yvonne and Lesley in 2 of the dresses created by Lesley


Here are some photos of their work inspired by Carnevale di Venezia

The exhibition runs until 17th February

Knit-In community event

Two members (and baby) attended the 3rd annual Knit-In at the St Johns Centre in Old Trafford  click here for facebook page

The event was for people to bring along knitting needles and pre knitted squares to help make blankets for refugees in camps across Greece.

They were also raising money for the charity ‘With Love From Layla’ click here for website

Layla is a local 10 year old who has been volunteering in Samos with her mother Zubia helping with the refugee children. They raise funds to supply essential and fun items to children in need to make their lives a little more comfortable.

We had a lovely few hours sewing together knitted squares, chatting to lots of different people, listening to a very moving presentation by 10 year old Layla and eating a delicious lunch!






June meeting

There was a good turnout for the June meeting.

We had a great speaker Jo Peters who, along with her baker husband, owns 2 artisan bakeries in Bramhall and Poynton. We sampled some of the delicious breads and some amazing blueberry and white chocolate scones


We also held a tasting competition for entries to the Disley Show in the following categories – a selection of mini savoury tartlets and a celebratory birthday cake.

Maggie’s delicious tarts won everyone over and Elicia’s red velvet cake was sublime!


Mary T told us all about attending the National AGM in Brighton on 11 June 2016 as a link delegate.

Delegates voted to pass the two resolutions, which will both now form the basis of new NFWI campaigns.

Avoid food waste, address food poverty was passed with 82.7% of the vote.  [Votes cast in favour: 5,146. Votes cast against:  1,080 ]

Appropriate care in hospitals for people with dementia  was passed with 79.4% of the vote. [Votes cast in favour: 4,920. Votes cast against: 1,274]

There was no facility for abstentions which is the way that our WI, and many others, voted.

Click here for the reasons why we abstained




May Meeting – Resolutions

The May meeting in every WI is for debating and voting on the resolutions going before that year’s NFWI AGM

The resolutions this year are ‘Avoid food waste, address food poverty’ andAppropriate care in hospitals for people with dementia’
click here for more info on the 2016 resolutions

Our WI voted to abstain from both votes at the AGM for several reasons:

we felt the resolutions were for issues that already being addressed by many other campaigns and organisations

the resolutions were asking for voluntary agreement rather than making it compulsory

the wording of the resolutions was very ‘woolly’

we feel that WIs could be far more effective deciding amongst themselves about local campaigns and causes they could facilitate

the resolutions are a very old-fashioned process. Times have changed – causes/campaigns/issues are now able to get large scale public support and awareness through social media very quickly. Things move on so rapidly that, by the time the WI system has been followed, the world has moved on so either the problem has been resolved or is being solidly worked on before the WI even get to the end of the process

We are not alone in feeling this way! Many other WI’s, as in previous years, have also voted to abstain.

Sarah S, our fearless secretary, is going to write to the NFWI explaining why we have abstained