Save Disley Library from Closure

The recently published ‘Cheshire East Council Pre-Budget Consultation 2018/21’ document includes the plan to permanently close Disley Library

Cheshire East Council is planning to close Disley Library because it is one of three smallest libraries in the county, not because it is underused. The closure of our library will save Cheshire East £50,000 per year.

(Cheshire East are planning to spend £4 million on Macclesfield Leisure Centre to refurbish reception, extend gym, upgrade all changing facilities, improve accessibility and café offer)

If Disley library closes, residents would have to travel the 6 miles to Poynton to access Cheshire East Library services. It is not easy or quick to get to Poynton from Disley – it means a minimum 15 minute drive or taking two different buses.

We only have until 12th January 2018 to make our views known


1) complete the online survey

click here to go to the webpage with the link to the online survey

or straight to the survey here.

2) Sign one of the paper petitions going round the village

4) contact our local CE Councillor, Harold Davenport

Address: 7 Countinghouse Road, Disley, SK12 2DB

Phone:  01663 763986


5) contact our MP David Rutley

Send letters to House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

or click here to send an email to David Rutley

6) Tweet @SaveDisleyLib

7) Sign the e-petition at Save Disley Library e-Petition

The library is an important resource for our community and we will feel its loss if it closes.

It is important to many different groups of people in the village:

– children who are just learning to read and to love books. Not all parents can afford to buy enough books to keep up with voracious young readers.

– older people who may need help using online resources or find it difficult to travel to the next nearest library.

– anyone  who doesn’t have a computer and whose only access to the internet is in the library.

– everyone who loves books and reading

Click here to open the Pre-Budget Consultation Document

See page 89 in the document or just search for ‘Disley’

Here is the relevant excerpt library closure

[N.B. The librarians in Disley library are prohibited by the council from campaigning themselves, and because libraries are council property, they are also not allowed to house a petition about council-related issues.]