Visit to Ancoats “Cottonopolis” WI

Recently Disley’s President paid a visit to Ancoats WI in Manchester because we were particularly interested in hearing their guest speaker.
Jane (not her real name) is in the process of transitioning from male to female.  This is the first time that Jane has given a talk about herself and her journey and she spoke frankly and very movingly about her life and the difficulties she has faced and still experiences.  Jane said that she was prepared to answer any questions about anything and following her talk she was certainly besieged by a friendly group of women all eager to listen and affirm, and also to respond to Jane’s request for style advice.
We are hoping that Jane would like to visit our WI when we put together our programme for 2018.  For many people this is still a taboo subject and the more we learn and open our minds and hearts then we can help to make the lives of Jane and all the others on the same journey maybe a little less of an ordeal.