June meeting

There was a good turnout for the June meeting.

We had a great speaker Jo Peters who, along with her baker husband, owns 2 artisan bakeries in Bramhall and Poynton. We sampled some of the delicious breads and some amazing blueberry and white chocolate scones


We also held a tasting competition for entries to the Disley Show in the following categories – a selection of mini savoury tartlets and a celebratory birthday cake.

Maggie’s delicious tarts won everyone over and Elicia’s red velvet cake was sublime!


Mary T told us all about attending the National AGM in Brighton on 11 June 2016 as a link delegate.

Delegates voted to pass the two resolutions, which will both now form the basis of new NFWI campaigns.

Avoid food waste, address food poverty was passed with 82.7% of the vote.  [Votes cast in favour: 5,146. Votes cast against:  1,080 ]

Appropriate care in hospitals for people with dementia  was passed with 79.4% of the vote. [Votes cast in favour: 4,920. Votes cast against: 1,274]

There was no facility for abstentions which is the way that our WI, and many others, voted.

Click here for the reasons why we abstained