First Culture Club outing of 2016

First Culture Club outing of 2016 …

Jane Eyre – National Theatre Live Screening at Stockport Plaza

[A co-production with Bristol Old Vic devised by the Company based on the novel by Charlotte Brontë]



Last week the Culture Club enjoyed it’s first outing of the new year with a trip to see Jane Eyre at the Plaza in Stockport. Yet another National Theatre Live production.

A cast of ten multi-talented actor/musicians performed the ‘biography’ of Jane in great depth, from her birth, to the birth of her own daughter. This was a true ensemble piece with all the actors taking all of the parts and there were few moments when the cast were not all on stage at the same time. The paired back set, consisting of wooden ramps, a wooden platform and numerous step ladders was with very few props imaginatively transformed into Thormfield Hall, Lowood School, Gateshead and the wild moorland.

This portrayal was far more than a romantic love story as it explored the character of Jane: her bravery, thirst for justice, strength of purpose, independent spirit and great love. Jane is a woman for our times.

A brave and energetic production. Time flew by despite the 3 hours and 30 minute running time. There were a few tears but we all loved it.

Culture Club met last night to put together our new programme for 2016. Just don’t ask us to do anything else in March, we are booked up!