Craft Club – 2016 plans

The Craft Club met on Wed 25th to discuss what to do in 2016 – the long list we came up with is …

Dorset Buttons
Wet felted bowls
Zip flowers
Quilted spectacles case
Basic crochet (& more)
Sketching a life model
Acrylic painting
String and tinfoil pictures
Candle Decorating
Knitting – how to do cables; how to use circular needles; how to use dpn’s
Painting on tiles with enamel paint
Knitting – intarsia and fair isle
Glass painting
Ribbon weaving
Smocking – reverse and other types
Corn dollys/straw work

At our first social evening in January we will choose our list of what we’re going to do in 2016

Any WI member is welcome to join us us for any of the workshops or social evenings – dates and venues are published in the monthly newsletter and on the Disley WI Facebook page Disley WI Facebook