Dickens Abridged at Buxton Opera House

Post from Jen …

On Tuesday evening 5 WI members (Jen, Sarah, Maggie, Marion and Laraine) enjoyed a night at Buxton Opera House watching ‘Dickens Abridged’ – a fast-paced musical comedy (yes, really!).


Four hugely talented actors / singers / musicians brought many of the great author’s best-loved characters to life in 70 minutes of madcap Dickensian mayhem, including Oliver Twist, Great Expectations (complete with flaming bride), A Tale of Two Cities (featuring a fully functional guillotine) and of course… A Christmas Carol (with an electric guitar playing Tiny Tim)!

            da1       da2

It also delved into the bizarre-but-true story of Charles Dickens’ own life, including his complicated romantic entanglements and his inexplicable enthusiasm for performing the bludgeoning scene from Oliver Twist over and over and over again…..

A great time was had by all and we can heartily recommend it!