Thursday Book Club

The Thursday book club met on the 15th to discuss our first independent read, Iris Murdoch’s A Severed Head.  The novel recounts the colourful relationships between a group of friends, partners, lovers, siblings and half siblings, and can be summed up neatly in two words, ‘It’s Complicated’!

“Martin believes he can possess both a beautiful wife and a delightful lover.  But when his wife, Antonia, suddenly leaves him for her psychoanalyst, Martin is plunged into an intensive emotional re-education,  He attempts to behave beautifully and sensibly,  Then he meets a woman whose demonic splendour at first repels him and later arouses a consuming and monstrous passion.  How will he survive it”?

Once again opinion was divided and ranged from some finding it Utterly Delicious!, while someone else wanted to throw the book at the wall.  However we all found it to be a good and very easy read and everyone said they would like to read more of Murdoch’s works.  Which is altogether a good thing!