Craft Club

The Craft Club meets twice a month – once for a workshop and once for a social evening 

Here are some of the things that have been made …

In April Laraine taught us WET FELTING 

wet felting 1 wet felting 2 wet felting 3 wet felting 4 wet felting 5 wet felting 6

In April we also did some ACRYLIC PAINTING – thanks to Jenny we realised we had hidden artistic talent

painting 1 painting 2 painting 3 painting 4

In June we did FLOWER THUMPING – very noisy but get amazing results – thanks to Laraine 🙂

flower thumping 2 flower thumping 3 flower thumping 4 flower thumping 5flower thumping 1

In August we made some woodland coasters out of felt – thanks to Elicia 

woodland coasters

At various other workshops – Sugar Skulls, phone cases and mouse pin cushions – thanks to Jenny

sugar skullsmouse pin sucionphone cases

In February we made some earrings – thanks Elicia

earrings 1 earrings 2 earrings 5 earrings 6